Provide/augment current education system and increase the participation and involvement. Educate elders on current issues, problems and increase awareness.


Create employment opportunities, increase self-reliance of the villages. Prevent drain of people to cities and other countries in search of low paid jobs.


Provide/augment the current health system and increase awareness of the preventable diseases. Work towards basic necessities like clean water to prevent a class of diseases.

Our Mission

"To connect people all over the world to their villages in INDIA – facilitate village developmental activities through a self-service platform with minimal overhead and policing. To re-establish the forgotten village environment, culture and sense of belonging. Anybody should be able to on-board their village onto the platform with minimal overhead and start contributing towards the development projects including basic necessities and infrastructure ".

Feb 2013

Site launched

Site launched with ambitions of creating a self-service platform.

June 2013

Platform initial version ready

Site launched with initial version of self-service platform

Dec 2013

100 villages goal

Goal of onboarding 100 villages by the year end.